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Steve Hancock &
Vic Van Beuren


7:30 - 9:46 pm
Friday March 28, 2003
No Cover

Please welcome Steve Hancock and Vic Van Beuren on their return to Rappahannock Coffee. Steve has been a part of the Washington area acoustic music scene since the late 80s. Commitments in recent years have kept him from the usual nightspots, but he’s remained active in various other venues. When asked what style of music he plays, he smiles "I play date music. If you’re on a date, this is the music you listen to."

Steve is known as a solo folk/folk rock cover artist. "I like to >play what people want to hear - songs that are familiar and have memories connected to them." Among the likes of Cat Stevens, America, Nanci Griffith, and John Prine, his main influence has been James Taylor. And when you hear him perform, you’ll understand why. Even his dog’s name is "Taylor". Evidently, this is not a coincidence.

Recently, Steve has been joined by Vic Van Beuren on harmonica. In a prior life, Vic was a studio artist and often accompanied visiting musicians at "The Family Owl", an original music club in Cincinnati. Vic’s major influences range from Sonny Terry to Howard Levy.

Vic is an accomplished musician with a gift for enhancing the depth of any song, regardless of genre. Of course he is always ready to make his own statement when an opportunity is presented.

Where are these two headed next? Who knows. All they will say is "We’re not a big name…yet. But we’ve seen a lot of them in concert!" Although they haven’t recorded yet, there are rumors that something may be in the works. Let’s hope so!>

Seating is limited