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Filmmakers at Rappahannock Coffee

On a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago, some of you may have seen several film crews shooting in our store. The first crew was part of the annual, nationwide "48 Hour Film Project". In each of the cities on the 48 Hour Film Project tour, as many as 12 local filmmaking teams are given a genre, a prop, a character, a line of dialogue, and literally 48 hours to complete a 5 - 12 minute movie from scratch. Each team is competing for the "Best Film" for that city and the winning film will go up against all the other "Best Films" to earn the the title of "Best 48 Hour Film of the Year."

This project was produced and directed by Jai Mitchell of Positive Jairations from Arlington Forest. His team was given the task of creating a spy parody, which they titled "Relish the Day."

Rappahannock Coffee also provided much needed coffee for Jai and his team during this daunting weekend event. We will pass along any future information about screenings and contest results as we know them.

A second film crew was actually shooting the 48 Hour production team. It is hoped to become a successful TV pilot under Project Greenlight, documenting the grueling, yet entertaining process undertaken by the 48 Hour Film contestants around the country.

We have Christine McNeal from Douglas Park, a loyal customer and long time friend to thank for inviting the filmmakers to our shop for their respective movies. Chris was on the scene to make our customers feel at ease with the ensuing chaos that not only one, but two camera crews inevitably invoke with their gear, props, and shear numbers in our small space. She kept our operations running as smoothly as possible while also aiding the production groups with her own props and other technical needs.

We thank you customers for bearing with us during the shooting and hopefully you enjoyed it as well. The crews were very complimentary and grateful to our customers, Brian, and our staff, Eric and Laura for making them feel so welcomed in our coffee shop.