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> 7:30 - 9:45 pm
Friday, March 14, 2003
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Morrigan (Christine Marie Condo) was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Vienna, Virginia. Her first solo appearance on a stage was the age of eight, when she stunned her parents with her fearless presence and clear, powerful voice. At age eleven, >Morrigan started writing music shaped by her exposure to music by James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg. By high school, Morrigan was singing everywhere from athletic events to musicals, and receiving yearly awards at the local, regional and state levels.

Morrigan's overused vocal cords became severely damaged and a doctor warned that she would never be able to sing professionally. After five years of withdrawal, she began retraining her weakened voice in spite of the warnings she had received.

In 1997, that work paid off. Morrigan became a lead singer in a revue of popular music at a theme park in Richmond. She performed over 300 shows from March to October. Afterward, Morrigan picked up her guitar and started writing music again, taking her original songs to open mics in the Washington area. By the Fall of 2001, Morrigan went into the studio to record her CD "Unbearably Sweet". She quickly gained traction in the local DC music scene garnering well deserved accolades and audiences of increasing size. >Please welcome Morrigan to her first appearance at Rappahannock Coffee.


Seating is limited