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The Jeremiah Prophett Band


7:30pm - 9:45pm
Friday, May 23, 2003
No Cover

The Jeremiah Prophett Band hails from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Jeremy provides the bulk of the vocals while Adrian displays his powerful yet nimble guitar work. Their sound reminds me of the album Throwing Copper from Live; a progressive alternative breed of music that's unpredictable, fascinating and filled with emotion.

The pair's first exposure to Rappahannock Coffee was an impromptu concert on the sofa that had customers pulling up a chair to watch > and listen. There also appears to be a third member of the group who will sit in and fill out the sound with his own guitar. It's a good show that comes with a well deserved following. This will be their fifth engagement at Rappahannock Coffee. This time, they'll drive the Pinto instead of that big touring semi.


Seating is limited -