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> 7:30pm - 9:45pm
Friday, February 14, 2003
No Cover

Erico Noir brings the world beat of the kalimba to Rappahannock Coffee. Even if you don't know what a kalimba is youKalimba photo have to hear this! Erico's music is smooth, opimisitc and jazzy.

Southern Africa, the birthplace of the kalimba, has known its intimate charm for hundreds of years. Erico brings that kalimba warmth to the fore in this enchanting compilation of music including originals by himself and Mongezi Ntaka of Mahala.

Erico Noir has worked with Mongezi Ntaka and Mahala, for several years. The group specializes in Township Jive from South Africa. Says Erico, "Township Jive is the gleeful essence of a people determined to party despite their annoying public officials."

Thumnail Sketches CDErico's new CD, Thumbnail Sketches is one of the most original CD's to hit the market in a long time. Every piece is fresh, vibrant and fun and you can listen while you work or play. The music is great background for whatever you have planned. During the performance, expect Erico to pull out an accordion to mix it up a little.

Although blind from birth, Erico designs, builds and performs with>Directions his own kalimba creations. He achieves a variety of unique tone color from a cornucopia of discarded materials such as cigar boxes and clock springs. "My right index finger tip is shorter thanks to a table saw, and my thumbnails know the tork of a drill bit. But good music is a pain killer."

A reviewer of his CD, Audrey Schwarz, says "Clearly Mr. Noir has studied a variety of music, including American Jazz, European Classical, as well as some crazy Hip Hop. I think I even heard a bit of a Gamelan twang - not sure if he has been to Bali or not but I think the music is reminiscent of steamy tropical mystery nights. Good for evening relaxing or morning waking - I would highly recommend."


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