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So, what's so interesting? Many people take the time to rave about the menu, especially after they've tried something. The menu items are unusual in several ways:

First, they exist. For a store that is primarily a coffee shop, to have food this good isn't the norm. Sometimes, even we feel we've gone a little nuts about the food but we can justify every item on the menu.

Second, the items offered are balanced for the clientele. You'll find something for everyone from the ravenous carnivore to the ravenous vegetarian with several stops in between.

Thirdly, the components chosen for the food items are essentially free of artificial ingredients. The Head Chef has researched and selected food vendors that adhere to high quality standards and who care more about the ingredients than a high profit margin. We're a little different that way. The largest food distributor on the east coast visits us regularly and we still can't find a single food item in their inventory we'd want to feed you.

Most of our vendors are small, craft level operators who focus on doing it right and haven't given in to the pressures of being a large corporation. Neither have we. Instead of ordering food from a single source, we believe in the value of going directly to the small food supplier, 17 of them to be exact, to purchase our menu items. Preservative laden or flavor engineered foods are not welcome in our store.

Here is our in-store menu:




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